Keeping your dog happy this Jubilee weekend

We wish everyone a happy Platinum Jubilee weekend but here are some tips to keep your dog happy too.

  1. 1. Keeping them calm 
  2. With various street parties and garden parties, we can easily forget about our four legged friends when it comes to celebrations. Dogs are hyper sensitive to noise so keep them inside if there are fireworks going off. Talk to your vet or local pet store for remedies to ease their anxiety.
  4. 2. Food left overs
  5. I am sure we have all been there when that ‘I love dogs and dogs love me’ friend comes over. You look around and they are feeding your dog something that should only be eaten by humans. Be careful about food being dropped and that friend who might feed your dog left overs. Human food is often to rich for dogs and some can even poison them.
  7. 3. Jubilee decorations
  8. Keep an eye on your decorations and be aware that these, if picked up and swallowed by your pooch can cause blockages. Would you know what to do if your dog choked? Last thing is to resist the temptation to dress your dog up in a costume. Generally speaking they don’t like it. It can cause them to become anxious and to overheat.

Please enjoy your weekend and we want to wish Her Majesty and happy Platinum Jubilee.