6 reasons to join Winnie’s Wagtail Warehouse

Dog owners who need to travel or work long hours so they need to consider what to do with their doggy. Instead of leaving their pooches to look after itself and become anxious or even destroy the house, many caring dog owners book into a dog daycare. This not only helps the dog but it helps you too.

Here are the top 6 reasons to book into Winnie’s Wagtail Warehouse.

1. You have peace of mind

Your dog is receiving the attention and care without you having to worry about him/her. You can have confidence that your dog will be cared for. They will receive all of the enrichment they need, social, physical and mental. They will be playing games, interacting with and learning social queues from other dogs. They will meet new people and will never have a dull moment.

Many daycare facilities are funny about letting you in to have a look around. You need to be sure your doggy is going to the right daycare so just ask us to look around. We will take you through their daily routine too and even their music playlist.

2. Exercise and Socialisation

Your dog will be playing for most of the day. There is some allocated downtime which allows them to relax too. The music is changed to classical and the lights are dimmed. Dogs will also be separated into different groups according to thei energy levels.

They will learn how to make friends with other dogs and people.

3. Human Contact

Your dog will meet and become friends with our staff. We will be there to play with them and give them treats (with your consent). They will get lots of cuddles and scratches behind their ears.

4. Expert-Supervised Playtime

Some dog owners feel guilty about working for long hours and leaving their dog at home. You don’t have to when they come to Winnie’s Wagtail Warrehouse. It’s a fact of life that we must work so have a good day worry-free.

We are qualified to level 3 Ofqual in Professional Dog Care as per the new legal requirements as of 2018. We are also dog owners ourselves so leave your pooch in good hands.

5. Relief from Boredom

We can’t expect our dogs to sit at home all day and not become bored. Some people are not comfortable putting them in a crate. In actual fact, a dog should never be crated for more than 3 hours in the day. Leaving them to explore the house is a potential recipe for disaster.

Book with us and we guarantee your dog will never be bored. If they enjoy it as much as the staff do then they will have a great day, every day.

6. Put your feet up.

When you have had a busy and stressful day, sometimes the last thing in your mind is going out for a walk, especially in the rain and wind. After a day at Winnie’s Wagtail Warehouse, there is no need. Your dog will be suitably exercised and will be a picture of calm when you take them home. This will leave you to have a relaxed evening at home before you do it all again the next day.